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M. Emad Akhtar
Founder of Fifth Moon Studios

Media as a whole, has always been extremely important to me. From photography, to video, to graphic design, I have always considered media to be the one aspect of my life to develop the furthest. Outside of my media work, I develop my faith, spend time with my family, and volunteer my skills to benefit the community.


Fifth Moon Studios is a company based in Houston, Texas that specializes in Photo, Video and Graphic Design services.

Our group of experienced photographers, videographers, graphic designers, special effects artists, writers, coordinators, and musicians who all collaborate together to bring our clients the absolute best in Digital and Film multimedia.

We provide our services to be contracted by individuals and companies alike; we also love to work on our own independent projects as well, including: Online based web series, short documentaries, music videos and much more.



For Businesses

We provide several media related services for business both large and small.

Photography – Photography services consist of taking high quality photographs of your products / merchandise, or for internal use we can take photographs of your office and employees.

Videography – We have experience filming internal based videos such as training videos for your employees to develop from, as well as external videos such as web based advertisements.

 Graphic Design – Is your company in need of a new logo? Or perhaps your are intending to start a new brand and need a few different formats for custom graphics that are sure to get your new brand recognized. We can even design custom flyers and promotional material.

For Individuals

Sometimes, everyone just needs a good picture of themselves. It doesn’t matter if its for your own modeling portfolio, or for the mantel above your fireplace. Or perhaps, you would finally like to have a picture of your entire family that you are truly proud of (or at least able to send to grandma)

Our video services extend also to individuals. Are you a up-and-coming musician looking to film a professional grade music video at a reasonable cost? Get in contact with FMS where we will work with you and be able to provide the best possible quality video at the most reasonable cost.

For Events

All throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to hold an event. Don’t consider throwing your next big  bash without first getting with FMS to see what we can do for you. We can take care of everything from designing custom invitations for your guests, to showing up on the day of the event to take pictures and record video footage.

FMS has the experience to cover a whole range of different events. From Weddings to Anniversaries, Birthdays and even Red Carpet / Release Parties. We provide several package options to  best fit any event you are trying to hold. We can even provide multiple photographers and camera operators to get the maximum amount of coverage for your event.

Having a well produced and well executed video is what separates every major company from the mediocre ones. It’s my responsibility to make every one of my clients a major company.

–M. Emad Akhtar


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