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Media as a whole, has always been extremely important to me. From photography, to video, to graphic design, I have always considered media to be the one aspect of my life to develop the furthest. Outside of my media work, I develop my faith, spend time with my family, and volunteer my skills to benefit the community.


Fifth Moon Studios is a company based in Houston, Texas that specializes in Photo, Video, Graphic Design , Web Design, and Social Media services.

Our group of experienced photographers, videographers, graphic designers, special effects artists, writers, coordinators, and musicians who all collaborate together to bring our clients the absolute best in Digital and Film multimedia.

We provide our services to be contracted by individuals and companies alike; we also love to work on our own independent projects as well, including: Online based web series, short documentaries, music videos and much more.



Photography / Videography

Using industry leading equipment, Fifth Moon Studios can develop your production from initial idea to final output. We have experience in commercials, training videos, product photography, employee / people photography, architecture, and fashion photography.

Whatever your final output is, we have the ability to export in that format. Want your commercial ready for TV? Done. Showing your production off at a movie theater? Easy. Want to create a digital magazine that your viewers can check out on their iPad? You’ve come to the right place.

Graphics / Motion Graphics

Whether you are just starting out and need a logo for the company, or you are an established brand looking to make a splash with a nifty intro sequence to the next big corporate video. Fifth Moon Studios is ready to work with you bring you the graphics you need. Everything from Logo creation, to flyers and banners design, we have done it all.

Taking the graphics up a notch and add motion to them. Or, get with us to create a full video for you with motion graphics. Perhaps you are need of animating a mascot to integrate into a commercial. We can handle it easily with our state-of-the-art setup. We work with some of the best software available in the industry, from bitmap and vector based graphics to 3D animation, Fifth Moon Studios is ready to take on all of your graphics needs.

Web Site / Social Media / SEO

Over the years, we have built a lot of websites. In all that time we spent designing, we also did a lot of research. What aspects do people like about websites, what brings people back? In all that research, we found that a cross-platform web presence is critical in establishing your business. So we went out and did more research, took some classes, went to a few conferences and met some really interesting people.

What did we learn? In short, a lot. With all of our research we concluded that you need to have content based on the a few fundamental elements. Integrating a tactical approach, based on social psychological studies, while remaining creative. Add to that in-depth research on analytics of other posts by competitors and market leaders, and we will successfully run a social media campaign.

Having a well produced and well executed video is what separates every major company from the mediocre ones. It’s my responsibility to make every one of my clients a major company.

–M. Emad Akhtar


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